Can a man stand before a Holy God justified? 

Can a man stand before a Holy God justified? 

The answer is an emphatic YES! However, to understand this question in its fullness, we need to understand the question and how our God answers that question in His Holy Word. Let us take some time and explore the question. 

Can a man stand before a Holy God justified? What is meant by man? The word anthropos is the word in question. It means the totality of mankind; male and female. This word also includes EVERY race of men. Mankind can stand before God justified. What does justify mean? Justify means to be found innocent by law. A very easy way to remember the meaning of justified is: just as if I’d never committed any sin. You and I look at ourselves in a way to see and remember our history. God looks at us in a way to see His blood. 

In the book of Romans, God addresses this same question. As He speaks to the question of justification, God gives us reasoning of how we can stand before Him purely. Romans 6:23 sums it up perfectly as it says, “…but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ…” . it is through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ that you and I have any right to stand and face God. As God looks for the blood-covered child, we must realize that we are required to be that blood-covered child. 

God has done His part in justification. Jesus has done His part. The Spirit has done His part to save man. Will you do your part for justification? 


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