True Worship

True Worship

We are familiar with “worship”. You know, it is the thing we do when we gather at a certain place or building, right? Worship is an interesting study. As we take a few moments, let’s look at this idea in the same fashion as God looks at worship.

The word worship comes from a Persian word. It means “to show obsesses toward a person of a higher rank in society.” Literally, in Persian society, a lower ranked official would approach a higher ranked official. He would immediately lie down on his stomach at the feet of the higher ranked official. This lower ranked official would not even look up at the other man. Depending on how highly ranked the high official was, dictated how long he would keep the lower official lying on his belly with his face down toward the ground.

The first mention of WORSHIP in the Bible is found in Genesis 22:5. From that point forward, God uses this word to describe what actions He expects from His children. In Genesis 22, the narrative given is almost unknown to us. Abraham was commanded to offer Isaac. As the narrative ends, we read of the provision of God to Faithful Abraham. But, what does this account have to do with us today? Does God want us to offer our children? Does God expect us to go to this certain mountain? What am I supposed to learn?

Worship is an action of faith. As we read through Genesis 22, we learn that every aspect of the command was about faith. God never commanded nor expected human sacrifice. As a matter of fact, God was appalled that Israel began to practice human sacrifice (Leviticus 18). The question answered was would Abraham follow God without question? The answer is: YES, he would follow! In the same fashion, worship is a question of our faith. Will we do whatever is directed by God? Will we give God what He wants in worship?

A great reflection of worship is me giving God what He wants because of His magnificence, glory and honor.


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