12 Days Until Blaze

12 Days Until Blaze

BLAZE 2020 is sneaking up very quickly. We need to be prepared. There are a few things YOU can do to lend a hand in helping with this undertaking.

This weekend will be upon us very quickly. We need to be prepared for this weekend. Here are a few helpful hints to be prepared:

1. Bring your Bible and notebook. There will be a ton of lessons this weekend, really 12 lessons. Take notes so you can go back and study those lessons again.

2. Be helpful to our visitors. Many of our visitors may have never been to our building or were here about a year ago. Point them in the right direction or walk with them where they want to go.

3. Tune up your voices. We will sing and it will be GREAT!!!

4. Smile and be friendly. Nothing opens others up more than a smiling face. Our visitors want to be wanted from us.

5. Be helpful around our building. You could be asked to help with something to help things run smoothly. Pitch in!

Only 12 days… We have very few days left before we get started with BLAZE 2020. I hope you are excited and I hope you cannot wait.

Remember to pass out the flyers. The deadline for t-shirts is October 14th.

I love you all and I know you will exceed all expectations, as usual!

~Billy Hayes


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