Sharing Our Faith

Sharing Our Faith

Our world-wide evangelism impact keeps on growing. Last week a preachers’ training school in Ghana started using our videos and study guides for their students who are preparing to preach in their native country. I hope to soon be doing a one hour Zoom class on behalf of the students. Ghana joins India and the Philippines as countries who are using our materials to further God’s Kingdom in their countries.

While we celebrate our growing international evangelism effort let’s not forget our local work. We all have friends and neighbors who need the Lord. How can we lead them to Jesus? Let me share five easy ways.

Let’s start with the most important …live a Christian life in front of them. It’s easy to fall into following the ways of the world and lose our Christian influence. Let’s rise to the occasion by living for Jesus 24/7.

Make sure they are invited to attend @ 70 West. TALK UP what we are doing here at 70 West and share your excitement about VBS which begins this evening; worship services; fellowship events; classes; etc.

Help me get to know your friends and neighbors with the hope of engaging them in a one-on-one Bible study. Perhaps host a fellowship meal at your house or a fun get-together with games.

Ask them to watch our online Bible classes and worship services. Let them get to know us a little better via the internet.

Pray fervently! Lift up their names daily in prayer as you pray for doors to be opened to their hearts.

As we slowly return to normalcy let’s not forget our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes. From classes for our children, teens, and adults (we have 4 adult classes on Sundays and 3 on Wednesdays) we have a Bible class FOR YOU!

-Michael Cox


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