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Here’s a question for you. Do you want the message of God’s Word shared among 124 people or 471 people? I’m still very new to this world of online Bible teaching. I have been learning these past few weeks as I teach our various online Bible classes I am hopefully getting better. One thing I have noticed is the large fluctuation between the number of people viewing each particular class.

That difference can be explained by the subject matter (perhaps a particular subject or text is more popular than others) …the weather condition on the day the class was aired originally (rainy days drive up the number of viewers) …and the day of the week (Fridays and Saturdays are often our lowest days for number of viewers) but the number one reason I have noticed is YOU AND ME.

If you SHARE the class among your Facebook friends the number of potential viewers goes up and the number of actual viewers goes up. For example, on the class that only had 124 viewers, it was only shared by 5 people while the class that had 471 viewers was shared by 16 people. Why is this important? The higher the number of viewers results in the greater good so why would a person NOT want to share these online messages?

In some cases, they simply don’t have the internet. While that is true for some, for most of us we do have the internet either in our homes or on our phones so why don’t we ALL SHARE? So far only 21 different 70 West members have shared at least ONE CLASS.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t want to be seen as meddling in other people’s business. Unfortunately, we have moved our religion from the public sector to the PRIVATE sector. We most often DON’T talk about our faith, the church or God to the people who matter the most in our lives …our family and friends. We don’t like to visualize Aunt Mary or Cousin John spending eternity in hell but guess what …they will if they never obey God. Who can make the difference …it’s you or me if we SHARE God’s Word with them. Perhaps we don’t want to be seen as a ‘holy-roller’. We don’t want that label, so we stay quiet. Can you visualize Peter or Paul keeping quiet about their love of God? What would have happened in the 1st century if the 12 had tried to fade into the background less they be seen as committed to the cause. What would Jesus say to us today? I believe Jesus would say, “Share each and every message from my Word!”

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