Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Every year our nation pauses on the second Sunday in May to pay well-deserved honor and respect to those special women we call MOM.

In my life there have been several women who have served an important role in helping me to become the Christian I am today.
Since I was born to parents who were up in years when I was born, I only had one grandparent still alive when I was born, my mother’s mom. Ma Dial gave me a sense of family tradition as she was born just after the Civil War. She often talked about family I had never met and gave me stories spanning several generations.

My foundation of faith in Jesus started with my own mom. She was the one who worked with me, helping me to obey the Lord with the simple love I saw demonstrated daily by my mom.
Then Lisa came into my life in the 1970s and our family was established with the births of our two children. I saw firsthand the tender care of a mother who sacrificed for her children, putting their needs way ahead of her own. The strength of our family unit starts with Lisa and she has always been the backbone of our marriage and family.

More recently I have had the opportunity of seeing my own daughter and daughter-in-law model what it means to be a Christian mom.
Today our nation salutes you, the MOMS of our world.
Lisa has been with our grandchildren in Alma this past week (she comes home tomorrow) and she has amazed me these last few days with stories of the grands. As I have said before, if I had known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them FIRST.


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