Our Eldership

Our Eldership

We are very blessed here at the 70 West congregation. Many times, we are not fully aware of all of the benefits that are afforded to us. As a part of our Teenage class on Wednesday night, we have had a huge treat. Each elder of our eldership has spoken directly to this group. The theme for this class has been: “If I had 30 minutes to talk to you , I’d tell you…” This has been an eye-opening experience for this age group. Take a moment and understand why we need this class.

First and foremost, we need this class so our younger group can interact with their eldership. These men are the leaders of this congregation and it is highly important for our teens to know who they are. The backbone of the local congregation is personal relationships. Without this series of classes our youth may go through their entire teenage years without ever interacting with their Eldership. That would be a great loss. Both of these groups should be very comfortable with each other.

Next, these groups can learn from each other. The experience of life from the older to the younger is so vitally important. The exuberance form the younger injected into the older group is needed also. If you see these groups interact, it is quite funny and inspiring. Seeing the funny side, words change meaning from generation to generation. Noticing the inspiring side, the wisdom exchanged is eye-opening.

Finally, the subject matter of these classes is essential for spiritual growth. The crux of every class has been staying faithful to the Lord. That subject, however, has been approached from 5 different perspectives. What an encouraging study we have had! On behalf of your teen class allow me to say THANK YOU to these 5 men for their hard work and dedication. We will never be able to tell you what this class has meant to us!


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