An Example of a Great Attitude

An Example of a Great Attitude

This will be my 3rd & final article regarding the POWER OF EXAMPLE. Never underestimate the POWER OF EXAMPLE. Living for Jesus 24/7 is vital. This story begins with a phone call.

One day several years ago my secretary buzzed me on the intercom to inform me that I had a phone call. The call went something like this, “Hello, I would like to be baptized.” Now that’s not a request I receive every day. I proceeded to ask this caller a few questions and it was noticeably clear the lady on the other end of the call knew what baptism was for and why she needed to be baptized. We set up a time to meet at the building. Meanwhile I contacted my elders, and most were able to be in attendance. After the baptism was over, we sat around and talked for a long time. I wanted to know HOW she had arrived at this moment and here is what she shared with me.

She had started to work in the same office as one of our members (Linda). She quickly noticed that Linda did not participate in the ‘office gossip circle’. That impressed this newly baptized Christian. Furthermore, when vulgar jokes and stories were being shared during break times, Linda would always walk away. That impressed our new Christian. This new Christian talked about ‘attitude, out-look, and personality’. Linda had an encouraging attitude about life, she looked at the positives, plus she had an uplifting personality. That impressed this new Christian. I remember the exact words the new Christian said next. “I decided I wanted to be like Linda!” She asked Linda what made the difference in her life and Linda pointed to Jesus. This resulted in a simple Bible study during break times and then the call she made to me.

That brings me to the all-important question. Am I living my life in such a way that people who encounter me would say, “I would like to be like YOU?” That’s the POWER OF EXAMPLE!

-Michael Cox


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