Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Saturday was my anniversary. You might say, “But Michael, I thought you celebrated your anniversary a couple of weeks ago.” Well, that was my wedding anniversary. I’m talking about a different anniversary. Saturday was the 3rd anniversary of my FIRST WORKDAY here at 70 West. I remember the day so well. Danny Vaughn met me the prior day and helped me get set up in a temporary apartment. That first workday was filled with getting my office arranged and going out and meeting some of my new church family. 

I owe so much to the elders who were serving at that time (Bill Brannon, Festus Ugbade, and Danny Vaughn). They placed faith in me and my abilities and hired me. You might not know, but ministers over the age of 60 are now having a difficult time finding employment. Churches seem to be looking for that minister who is 35 years old with 25 years’ work experience. They usually pass on us older guys.

In the past 3 years, I have helped numerous older ministers who were forced to look for employment past the age of 60 and have a hard time doing so. Our elders defied the trend and hired me. They brought me to an ideal place to serve. Speaking on behalf of Lisa, we are so happy here serving under the leadership of Bill, Alan, Donnie, Tim, and Festus and we look forward to many more happy anniversaries serving the 70 West family. You all make serving here a joy. 

Billy hit it out of the park with his BIBLE INVESTIGATION presentations during our Virtual PTP. Thanks for a job well done! 

On BIBLE INVESTIGATION this week I will respond with Bible answers to the following questions: “Aren’t there other inspired books other than the Bible? I have found mistakes in your Bible. How do you respond? Come on…a talking donkey! Really! Can you help me understand the name YAHWEH? Why does it say God doesn’t tempt people when He does? Why doesn’t the Bible give us a better picture of God and Jesus?” Join me at 9 nightly Monday through Saturday for BIBLE INVESTIGATION. 

~Michael Cox 


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