3 Gifts

3 Gifts

Brandi is so much better at this than I am. She notices the needs of the young family so quickly. She is so compassionate toward that group of folks. My bride will make sure the babies have a gift. As we study and understand the birth of the Sacrifice for all of mankind, we are struck with the fact that the Son of God was given a few gifts. Matthew 2:11 records for us that those gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those gift are very pointed to the life of the Christ and the events that will ultimately end in the salvation of man.

GOLD: Gold was usually given to the children of royalty. It is interesting to me that the King of kings and Lord or lords was given gold. He was, is and eternally has been the greatest example of royalty to have ever lived. There is no shock to us, looking back, that gold was in the list of gifts given to Him.

FRANKINCENSE: Frankincense is a hardened gum-like material (resin) that comes from the trunk of the Boswellia tree. It was given to the babies of the High Priest in Israel. As we notice the life of the Christ, we see Him as the premiere Teacher of God’s Word. He tried to show the world how to follow God’s Law completely. Hebrews 4:14 records for us that Jesus is our Great High Priest. Looking back at the life of Jesus, it is no wonder that Jesus deserves frankincense.

MYRRH: Myrrh was used in the first century to cover the burial clothes of the deceased. Apparently, the fragrance was very strong and masked the smells of the decaying process. The foreshadowing of the death of Jesus is seen in this gift. It is no surprise associated with this gift.

The gifts to the Savior as a baby are spectacular. When you and I look deeper at those gifts, we begin to see the ultimate end of Jesus the Christ. Gold to the King. Frankincense to the Great High Priest. Myrrh to the Sacrifice of mankind. What a great detail God gives us to understand the duty of Jesus on this Earth.


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