Posts from February 2020

Posts from February 2020

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Finding Open Doors

In some ways, Susan is a Christian due to something Judy did. The funny thing about that statement is the fact that Judy and Susan did not know each other until AFTER Susan became a Christian. Here’s what happen almost 20 years ago. Judy was scheduled to have surgery and keeping my normal procedure back then as it is still now, I was at the hospital waiting for her to arrive on the day of her surgery. I have always…
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Are We Trying to Fool Ourselves?

Earlier this month it happened again. A death took place in northeast Arkansas in a family I know well. I am not talking about the death directly but instead, the reaction to her death. I noticed on Facebook many people expressing their condolences, with several of those expressions being written by my brothers and sisters in the faith. They wrote, “She’s now in heaven looking down on all of us …She’s celebrating a grand reunion in heaven…She’s gained her victory!”…
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A Distraction?!

I saw the headline and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The article popped up in my blog reading app, Feedly. The app pulls articles from blogs I follow such as blogs written by fellow preachers, Christian ministries, congregations, religious news sites and a few blogs focusing in on my favorite sports team. The article I am referring to was about a church telling older members to stay away from the worship services. Probably 70% of the blogs appearing…
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What is the purpose of the Law, anyway? 

A few years ago, a local politician began to hold the Ten Commandments up as if to say he was fighting for God. It was, in reality, just grandstand-ing. God’s Word ought never be used to gain an office but rather to save a lost world. So many have said, “You, in the church, do not believe in the Old Testament, do you?” It is the fact that sometimes we do not know how to answer a person when that…
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Gold Stars

In school, I was driven to achieve. I took detailed notes and studied them faithfully before each test. When I received each ‘A’, it was like a GOLD STAR in my heart.  Without realizing it, as I entered the full-time workforce, each baptism, each rededication, each successful counseling session, each new Bible student took on the form of another GOLD STAR for me in the eyes of people around me.  When the Lord blessed me with children, each triumph my…