When the Preacher Made a Change

When the Preacher Made a Change

When I arrived here @ 70 West church of Christ, I made a change in my life. While I was raised on the King James Version (KJV) with my mom being my primary teacher, as a minister I had used almost exclusively the New King James Version (NKJV). Upon moving to Hot Springs, I noticed that the Bibles given to new Christians and High School Seniors along with the pew Bibles were English Standard Version (ESV). I had never owned a copy of the ESV, but I quickly made that purchase and have been using that version for my preaching and classes ever since. In the last year or so there has been a move to the NKJV being the version given out and used, thus as of today I’m going back to the version I have used for most of my preaching career. I will be preaching and teaching primarily, both online and here at the building, out of the NKJV.

When a preacher decides to preach through a book in the Bible, like I’m doing now with Mark, there are definite pluses and minuses. A plus would be no need to worry about what text you will preach on the next Sunday because the text has already been selected. A negative would be the difficulty of some passages. Doing a series through a Bible book makes it hard to avoid the hard passages. This morning’s passage is one of those difficult passages not because I don’t agree with it (I totally agree with the teaching of our Lord), but the passage is difficult because it impacts many of my friends. I am reminded of a sermon I preached many years ago on the dangers of alcoholism. As soon as the closing prayer was prayed, I saw a member making a beeline for me. I knew he had often battled with alcoholism and wasn’t sure how he would take the lesson I had just preached. When he reached me, he quickly grabbed my hand and thanked me for the lesson. He said, “I only wish I had heard that lesson when I was 16.” I hope the same sentiment is with all of us today. No matter how the lesson hits us, let’s look at our young people & see how this lesson is so important for them to hear today.

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