What is Your Vision?

What is Your Vision?

 Today is our last Sunday of 2019. Lord willing, we will gather next Sunday in the new year 2020. The number 2020 is often connected to the standard of good vision. What is YOUR VISION for the 70 West family? 

In your vision for 70 West, do you see us doing a better job in reaching out to our community? If so, how will you help us all fulfill that vision? Do you see 70 West as a caring family, especially for those of us who are aged, dealing with sickness, or battling overwhelming problems? If that’s your vision what might you do to show a caring attitude? Do you see us a nurturing place for young families? How might you assist us in becoming a more nurturing church? Do you see us as a Bible knowing, Bible living, Bible proclaiming church? What might you do to grow your own knowledge of God’s Word? In 2020 what will be your vision for the 70 West church of Christ family? 

When I arrived here in the fall of 2017, I was honored to assist a wonderful preacher, Jack Smith. Jack blessed this congregation for so many years with his many talents. Shortly after I arrived, Jack’s health took a turn for the worse, finally resulting in Jack stepping down from the pulpit. Alex and I took care of the morning sermons while Heath was responsible for the evening messages. That arrangement continued until Alex left to move closer to family and we were blessed by the arrival of Billy who is one of the most talented preachers I know. 

Now as we approach a new year, Billy and I have been asked to handle both the morning and evening messages. While we both are happy to serve in anyway, personally speaking, I will miss the thoughtful messages presented by Heath. Thank you, Heath, for all you have done to bless our church family. You are such a great asset for the church. 

Kicking off the Sunday evenings of 2020, Billy and I will jointly present the sermon series, WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT…? It’s a series designed around the hot topics that are waging in the religious world today. Each sermon will present what God says about important topics such as the role of women, how to finish faithfully, alternative lifestyles, the sin of instrumental music in worship, church discipline, and many more. Make plans in 2020 to become a regular Sunday evening attendee and be blessed. 


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