Was Spark “Worth it”?

Was Spark “Worth it”?

 Our community might ask the question, “Was the effort and the expense of SPARK worth it?” I would say a resounding YES! Here is a posting from my Facebook page that talks about the impact of SPARK. 

Some have asked about the impact of our 40 DAYS OF PRAYER and especially as those prayers related to our recently completed SPARK. I believe our great God richly blessed our prayers and here’s why. We had 3 baptisms and perhaps one of the most memorable lines from that one particular evening was “Hold on brother, we’re not done yet!” as the third response was made. 

The 3 baptisms were the biggest victory but also, we had… 

  • A visitor who needed encouragement said SPARK was exactly the right medicine. 
  • Peace being brought back into a family desperately in need of inner peace. 
  • A woman who had not known her grandparents well, made connections with a couple who did and reassured her of their faithfulness before passing from this life and also connected her with distant relatives to bring some healing from having a broken family. 
  • A couple needing to grow in their faith excitedly discussing their notes from different sessions. 
  • A couple in need of marriage counseling chose to come to PTP over going on a beach vacation so that they could receive counseling. I was personally blessed to help this couple and one more couple in marriage/family counsel-ing. I am continuing their counseling via FaceTime and Skype. 
  • Seeing many from our congregation working together and forming stronger bonds. That was great in my mind. 
  • A family that has had a very heartbreaking and difficult couple of years due to death and serious accidents felt loved and a part of another family here. 

Was SPARK worth the effort and expense? I would say so! Were our prayers richly answered? I would say so! 


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