Today is a Special Day

Today is a Special Day

Today is a very special day. Not due to the Easter holiday. Today is a special day because this is the day for the saints to gather to worship the God of Heaven and Earth. So many folks today will gather to remember the Resurrection of Jesus. While it is a good thing for humanity to remember that Day, the saints are commanded by God to remember that Sacrifice every Sunday. Notice what we are remembering: (John 18-20)

Jesus was praying in a private part of the Garden when He was “arrested”. As a Band of Roman soldiers came to apprehend Jesus, He was praying to the Father. He knew what the next few days held for Him. Next on the docket for Jesus was a trail that was questionable, at best. Jesus was convicted before ever stepping one foot into that court room. Everyone in that room knew Jesus was going to die, including Jesus. However, Jesus did not try to run or hide. He knew the implications of why this had to happen.

Jesus was convicted to be beaten. Scourging is an intense process. Beating a man until he is nearly dead is an art and not really a scientific process. Brother V.P. Black would describe the beaten back of Jesus as “a sea of blood with His shoulders looking like white caps.” To fully understand a Roman scourging would turn our stomachs.

After the trauma of this beating, Jesus was taken and had His body nailed to a Roman cross. The process lasted about 6 hours till His body could no longer take the abuse. At that point He said, “It is finished.” At which point He died.

This was all done for a purpose: To buy the mass of humanity back to God; to restore a relationship of God and man that was destroyed in the Garden. With that price being paid for you, what will you do with Jesus?


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