The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

Jesus Christ came to earth from heaven and was made a little lower than the angels. He became flesh John 1:1–3 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” He lived a life that was full of servitude to the Father and made the choice to follow Him, trust in Him, and teach His Word. He showed love, kindness, compassion, friendship, and the willingness to put His life on the line for others’ sakes.

He did not deserve the death that He received. He spent His whole life knowing that it was coming down to the cross, but not only the cross, but also the ridiculing, mocking, hatred, and pain that would come with it. He fully understood that He would be in agony as He went to the cross. As He was in the garden and prayed to God, He was under so much stress that He started to sweat blood, which is a type of condition called Hematidrosis, and this also results in the skin being extremely tender and fragile. His pain would be exponentially greater than if that was not happening.

Our Lord was also scourged which means that He was beaten with a type of whip that had pieces of glass, rock, and metal that are tied in the cords of the whip to inflict much more pain. This type of beating that the Romans used would be used in a few different cases. It was used: as torture to promote the questioning of a prisoner, as a self-standing punishment, as a capital punishment (people were sentenced to death by beating), or as a preparation for execution. On some occasions, these beatings were so severe that bones and organs were left exposed.

Now with that thought in mind, He still had to go to the cross after this was done to Him, and He was mocked, spat upon, and reviled. He was crucified upon the old rugged cross. This is only a short and condensed version of the information that needs to be heard, but it is still just as important to read. These can be read about in either Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, or John 19. With all of the things that His body went through, there is one thing of which we can be certain. There is no way that any man could take the beatings and torture that He did and survive. He died, but that was not the end of it all.

Our Lord and Savior was resurrected from the dead, and it should not have been a surprise to anyone because it was predicted in the Old Testament (Isa. 53.1-3), and in the New Testament by Jesus Himself (Mt. 16:21, Mt. 17 (Jesus talks about His death with Moses and Elijah), Mt. 20:17-19, Mt. 26:2). There are other places it is mentioned like in the accounts of Mark, Luke, John. There is no way that He should be alive, but He is (John 20, Luke 24, Matthew 28, Mark 16), and He ascended into heaven to be on the right hand of the Father. It is truly amazing what God can do and has done.

-Tyler Lundy


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