The Enemy (Part 2)

The Enemy (Part 2)

The goal of Satan is to have us fall to our own lusts, whatever it is. Satan does not care that you and I are not following Satan as long as we are not following God. Our lusts are very specific to each of us and we all must be on guard to avoid how our lust works against us. Today, let’s notice the operation of lust.

James 1:14-15, “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” (also Proverbs 7) This operation of lust begins with a courtship- being drawn away. The opportunity to sin is found here, at least in its earliest stages. We are drawn for that which is good and holy to that which is selfish and ungodly. We must stay on guard for the drawing away process. After all, if we can stop the process here, we will be victorious over our lust.

The next level of this lustfulness is the consent- enticed. This is the point at which we have let the opportunity stick around too long. We, like Eve, have explored and examined the lustful action and have made the decision to justify it in our minds. Even at this point of enticement, we still can avoid the sinfulness of this predicament. However, we are inching ever closer to the sinful actions. “Turn to God and forget the lust”- but do we?

Next is the conception- bringeth forth. This action is when time and opportunity have married perfectly. A Teacher once told me that this would be the most unholy union found in the Bible. This is the point of choice to which I will choose self over a slain Savior; I choose my wants over God’s way; I chose pleasure over purpose. Because of that choice, I have delivered the offspring that will fulfill Romans 3:23.

Lastly, there is the completion- finished. After I make my choice and I follow it to the very end, all things now are finished. Really, ALL THINGS. The completion is now the death of peace from God. It is the death of hope. It is the death of innocence. It is the death of soul.

However, you and I need to realize that we do not have to follow our lusts. When we do, God tells us exactly what will happen. May God give us the sight enough to see temptation and the courage to overcome the temptation.


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