Prepare for the feast!

Prepare for the feast!

Growing up on the farm, Sunday dinner (city people call it lunch) was always a treat. Mom threw out all stops as the table was overflowing with homemade dishes she had cooked during the early morning hours before we left for worship services. I called Sunday dinner FEAST DAY, as my entire family gathered at our house after worship service for this grand meal. 

Today is the kickoff for our SPIRITUAL FEAST DAYS as our elders have lined up a very special event during this pandemic. It’s our VIRTUAL PTP…the absolute best of past Polishing the Pulpit classes PLUS six distinct BIBLE INVESTIGATION presentations. 

I will be handling three of the BIBLE INVESTIGATION questions today and Billy will be presenting one each evening on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

It’s going to be a SPIRITUAL FEAST! Please plan to take in as many classes as possible either here at the building (up on our big screens) or online at your home. You will not regret one minute you spend with our VIRTUAL PTP. It’s God’s vision for Hot Springs! 

Personally speaking, I have a deep appreciation for our elders for doing something like this for our church family. In talking with several of my preaching buddies, they are somewhat in envy of my situation here. For the most part, their congregations have stopped planning for anything this year and are only talking about the distant future regarding spiritual building events. Not our elders! They are giving us a FEAST so we can grow. Take a moment and thank our elders for their wisdom in planning our VIRTUAL PTP. 


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