Do You Have a Scar?

Do You Have a Scar?

We all have them. I have one on the underside of my arm as a box cutter slipped one day while I was working in a grocery store as a teen and I sliced open my arm. I have another one on my upper arm as proof of a childhood vaccination. Just two weeks ago, while recording a video lesson, I gained a new one as I took a wrong step leaving the podium area and fell in the auditorium in front of the communion table. I was sure glad no one was in the building when that happen!

What am I talking about? Scars! As we go through the scrapes and problems of our life, we attain SCARS but what about the SCARS no one sees but YOU? The ones not visible to the naked eye. The emotional scars …the scars of hurt …the scars of pain …the scars of depression.

For my physical scars I grab the various wound medications and if the scar is not too deep, the evidence goes away in a few days as healing takes place.

What can heal the scars only YOU see? For our emotional scars we have God’s forgiveness if we obey, God’s promises, God’s people, and most certainly, God’s Word, the Bible. Take a few minutes and read the following…

If you have the scar of exhaustion, read Matthew 11:28-30.

If you have the scar of facing the impossible, read Mark 9:23.

If you have the scar of wanting to give up, read Revelation 2:10.

If you have the scar of facing a rough & turbulent life, read John 16:33.

If you have the scar of a weak faith, read Mark 11:24.

If you have the scar of losing your priority, read Matthew 6:33.

If you have the scar of not feeling worthy, read Matthew 6:25-27.

May you wrap your hurts away in the loving arms of our Savior!


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