Grow Your Knowledge With Fundamentals of the Faith

Grow Your Knowledge With Fundamentals of the Faith

According to government figures the population of Garland County is 99,386. Let’s even that out and call it 100,000. Now, according to my sources, the number of scripturally baptized Christians in Garland County is roughly 1,200. Doing the math is easy. That’s 1.2% of scripturally baptized Christians in Garland County. Less than 2% of our neighbors are baptized! Please join me in my special daily prayer. Let’s pray that this year will be the year we reach out to our community and ‘get people up this hill’ and into our building. Will you give me ‘5’? Five local souls that you will commit to pray daily for and furthermore, will reach out to with a friendly invite to our worship services? Will you be one that gets our community into our building this year?

Our new FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH video Bible class will kick off on April 1st and a study guide is available for each lesson. The first three study guides are available today on the speaker stands as you exit the auditorium. After April 1st, study guides for lessons already aired will be available up on the front pew where I usually sit. The study guides are also available as an email attachment and I would strongly recommend signing up for the email just in case you forget to grab a paper copy one on Sunday.

FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH is built around a ‘family Bible study/devotional’. According to a study conducted in 2018 only 17% of Christians have a daily Bible study (minimum length was a study lasting 90 consecutive days or more). The study guide for FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH comes with questions for practical application (great for discussion among your family), a memory verse that will help you remember the study, a song or two tied in with the study that you can sing, and a reminder to pray. Whether your family is just one person or a family of a dozen, you will benefit from a family Bible study/devotional made possible by FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH. Join me every Monday through Saturday morning @ 7 beginning April 1stfor FUNDAMENTALS OF THE FAITH.

As we wrap up the BIBLE STUDY CHALLENGE please don’t stop investing 5-minutes per day reciting the major keys. By this point of time, you probably need to divide the keys into 2 or 3 groups and recite 1 group per day. If you continue spending the 5-mintues per day you can come to know over 500 passages of the Bible.


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