Grow in 2020

Grow in 2020

 In last week’s sermon, I challenged all of us, as a follow up to SPARK, to GROW in five specific areas with one of those areas being GROW IN KNOWLEDGE of God’s Word. 

Proverbs 4:20-27 speaks about growing in knowledge which results in godly WISDOM. In the Bible, we find the recipe for right character, loving conversation, proper conduct, and lifestyle that can be applied to situations and decisions that confront us on a daily basis. 

I can’t speak for you, but I recall many times in my life when I didn’t respond very wisely. On those occasions, my failure can be traced back to one of two mistakes … either I didn’t know the biblical principle that would have helped me, and this happened often when I was young OR I knew the biblical principle but chose to ignore it. 

To ensure that we’re familiar with God’s standards and the importance of following them, we MUST spend time reading and studying the Bible. Anything worth having is worth spending time working on, thus acquiring biblical knowledge will take time. 

Let me suggest for us all to select a particular time in our daily schedule when we can spend quality time in God’s Word. A time that’s free of interruptions and the stress of busyness. A time when we can ‘relax into God’s Word’. For me, that time is at the very start of my day when I do my deep study of the Bible and again at the end of my day when I spend time reading the Bible. 

For this coming year, let’s GROW! 

Don’t forget our annual ‘Holiday Open House’ on Sunday afternoon, December 8th. It’s our way of saying thanks for blessing our family during the past year. Please drop by to share in the fellowship, holiday goodies, and take home your gift from our family to yours. 


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