Be an Encourager

Be an Encourager

Once again you have humbled me with your tremendous love and encouragement. Thanks to all who attended the annual Open House event last Sunday. I was staying up with the count until the midway point around 4 o’clock and then lost all ability to keep up as there was a fairly constant stream of folks stopping by to enjoy the fellowship. At the midway point the attendance was already 79 so I know the final count was in the hundreds (at least that’s a preacher’s count). I’m already looking forward to next year’s event. I’m blessed by your encouragement.

Encouragement is important in the life of the church. Barnabas was given that name by the apostles because he was such a great source of encouragement (Acts 4:36 Thus Joseph, who was also called by the apostles Barnabas which means son of encouragement…).

Look around and take note of who you might serve as a ‘Barnabas’. Perhaps a widow feeling the loss of a mate during the holiday time. Maybe you might serve as a ‘Barnabas’ to one of our youth group members who needs a pat on the back. The elders who faithfully serve our flock need to know of your love and support. That would be a great encouragement for them. How about the many women who do the ‘little things’ that means so much for our congregation? Just an acknowledgement of what they are doing would go a long way to encourage them. The men who serve in various capacities here could use your words of thanksgiving and love. They are often going the extra mile of service, so why not express your appreciation. Parents and grandparents who are shaping our future church leaders are always a good place to start encouraging. Finally, the ones who are not in the spotlight and might not get noticed often need to know you care. Look around this week and pick out someone you can encourage.

Be a ‘Barnabas’ to someone. You will be blessed


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