What must I do?

What must I do?

It is a phrase seen in many places in the New Testament. From the crowds in Jerusalem to the young Ruler, they all asked the same question. The question is the single greatest question asked by mankind anywhere at any time. The question “what must I do” shows a desire to follow God’s law. That desire needs to be in the heart of every man. The desire to follow God is the greatest desire man can have on this side of time. Let’s take a few moments to reflect on this question.

Firstly, WHAT must I do? Implied in this statement is the fact the mankind indeed has to do something. Some of the most sincere people around us are trying to serve God to no avail. They will try and try but without knowing exactly how to please God. Eventually, we see these folks just give up due to frustration or exhaustion. The answer is so simple it may be overlooked. WHAT to do is given to us through the Hoy Bible. God has cleared up any questions we may have about worship, service, or daily life. So, read to find out the WHAT.

Secondly, What must I do? The I will help us realize that to obey Him is an individual effort. As much as I love my lovely bride and our children, they will have to be convicted by God’s Word and they will have to choose for themselves. As much as I hope and pray for them, they have to be determined to follow. Sometimes I think that may be the hardest part of teaching another person. As I know that person understands truth, I cannot obey for them. The flip side is also true. If I do not go to Heaven, then it will be no one’s fault except me.

Thirdly, What MUST I DO? To say to a person the phrase MUST DO is to issue an imperative. MUST DO also holds a sense of urgency. We need to fully understand that MUST DO is still optional. This is what I MUST DO in order to receive a crown of life. Nothing MUST be DONE to fail in this life, but success will be intentional. Here is what must be done- Hear God’s Word- Romans 10:17, Believe God’s Word- Hebrews 11:6, Repent of your sin- Luke 13:3, Confess Christ- Matthew 10:32-33, Be Baptized- Acts 2:38 and Remain Faithful to your Lord- Revelation 2:10b.


-Billy Hayes


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