Foreign Mission Works

Foreign Mission Works

The Hoover Church of Christ is currently involved in four foreign mission fields: Coumbia, Peru, Tanzania, and Guyana.


Our Peru team is a medical mission that traditionally takes place during the first month of March. With over 40 folks from 5 different congregations going, we are able to show hundreds of Peruvians the love of God during the week. Multiple conversions take place as a direct result of our team going down to Cusco, and due in part to our efforts, the church of Christ is known as the “church that helps people.”

Team Lead: Rick Williams


Located in the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, this trip takes members across the globe to teach the Africans the love of Christ. This trip is great edification for both the members who go and the Christians they visit once they arrive.

Team Lead: Sid Aultman


Our newest work, we work with young families in a educational setting to equip men to be ministers of the Gospel. Read more about our work here: click/tap.

Team Lead: Bill Rayburn



Located about 60 miles from Georgetown, our team travels to the small city of Linden, Guyana. Once they arrive, they conduct Bible studies during the day and hold spiritual material classes at night. Since the national language of Guyana is English, our team is able to intimately teach and spend time with the brethren.

Team Lead: Glenn Till, Jr.