God’s Word: LOST

God’s Word: LOST

God has never been concerned with skin color or gender. He has been, and continues to be, concerned with lost people. When you and I move past those physical barriers, we then are confronted with the eternality of humanity. Notice this great problem plaguing mankind.

1. Scriptural definitions

  • a.No hope- Revelation 21:8
  • b.Having no hope- Ephesians 2:12
  • c.Without Christ- Ephesians 2:12

2. If I am lost…

  • a. I will not be alone- Revelation 21:8, Ro
    mans 14:7, Luke 16:27-31
  • b. It will be forever- 2 Thessalonians 1:7ff,
    Matthew 25:46, Luke 16:19-31
  • c. I will suffer great loss- Mark 9:47-48,
    Matthew 18:8, Matthew 8:11-12, Luke 16:19-31
  • d. The blame will fall on me- John 3:16, Acts 20:28,
    Matthew 11:28-30, Romans 1:16, 2
    Corinthians 6:2

3. The End of being Lost

  • a. Punishment forever- Matthew 25:46
  • b. Everlasting destruction- 2 Thessalonians
  • c. Torment- Revelation 14:11

May God allow us to have open eyes to see myself and others as we strive to serve Him. May God bless us with hearts full of compassion. May God give us the realization to change when we are confronted with truth. May God help us understand that we ought to be teaching those who are lost in order to save those precious souls.


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