The Power of Example

The Power of Example

Never underestimate the POWER OF EXAMPLE. Living for Jesus 24/7 is vital. A big reason my friend Ellen and her children & grandchildren are Christians today is due to the POWER OF EXAMPLE. I will let her tell the story in her own words:

“Sometimes I wonder what I can do to teach others about God. Then I remember how my dad found God. My mom was a Christian and tried to get my dad to go to Church with her. He would take her to Church, drop her off then go back to pick her up. He said he would go to work every day and there were lots of workers at lunch sitting around talking about vulgar things and being filthy mouthed. One of the workers named Mr. Crabtree however would leave the area when they were doing that. Mr. Crabtree was a genuinely nice man and soon the men learned to stop talking vulgar when he would come in.”

“Eventually my dad decided he would go in to Church the next time he took my mom instead of leaving. So, the next Sunday when he walked in with my mom he looked over and he saw Mr. Crabtree, the man that always walked away from the filthy conversations, sitting in the pew! That was my dad’s turning point! He saw the man that had a true love for God, who had been a wonderful Christian example every day at work!”

“That was when My dad became a Christian and dedicated his life to God. He went to every service, taught his kids how important it is to keep God first in their lives. He became a worker in the Church and used every moment he was given to teach others about God till the day he died and went to be with God!”

So, there is an easy way we can teach others …live Jesus 24/7 in front of them! Live our lives every day the way God would want us to! Be the example like that man was to Ellen’s dad!


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