Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

70 West Family and Guests,

June 6th: A Family Reunion

On June 6, 2021 we want to officially welcome the entire 70 West Congregation back to full worship, Bible Study and activity calendar.

The past fifteen months have been interesting, challenging, sometimes a little scary and definitely different.  We want to thank each and every member and guest for continuing to stay faithful and engaged whether in person or online through these strange times.  What the 70 West congregation has accomplished through the heart of COVID has truly been amazing, encouraging and faith building for all of us and we cannot overstate our love and gratitude for each of you.

As we move into the next chapter of our journey, we are all aware that COVID is and will remain a part of our lives from now on and we will need to continue to take precautions on a personal and congregational level.  Please continue to pay attention to your health and risk factors, taking precautions as necessary.  We will continue to reserve seating, in a limited capacity, for those that wish to maintain social distance and for our guests that are not yet accustomed to open seating in a large venue.

The excitement of coming back together as the 70 West family is overwhelming and long overdue.  Here are some things you may expect on June 6th.

  • Bible Study at 9:00 for all ages.
  • Worship at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM         **The 7:45 AM worship service will be discontinued.
  • Wednesday night Bible Study at 7:00 PM for all ages.

Please continue to keep our congregation, the Lord’s church as a whole, community and country in your daily prayers.

We continue to encourage you to stay at home under all circumstances including worship services if you have any of the following :

  1. Definite exposure to Coronavirus and are not vaccinated
  2. Are not vaccinated and have underlying health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc.,
  3. Displaying symptoms of illness: fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

All services and Bible classes held at the building will continue to be live-streamed on our Facebook page: facebook.com/airportroad. As always, all sermons will be available on our website and YouTube channel the day after. Additional Bible study and lesson resources are also available on our website.

If you continue to feel it is necessary to worship from “house to house” to limit your risk of exposure to Coronavirus, please, please feel free to do so but do so under the pattern and authority of the Elders who watch over your souls.

Exciting times family.  Let’s all plan to be engaged and a part of the continued growth of the 70 West Congregation.